Sweet Expo Sydney 2018 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sweet Expo Sydney 2018?

This year Sweet Expo will be at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park.

How do I get to Sweet Expo Sydney 2018?

Due to the high volume of visitors to Sweet Expo Sydney, we highly recommend using public transport. Find out more about getting to Sweet Expo here.

It was SO busy at Sweet Expo last year, what are you doing to manage crowds?

It was crazy busy, wasn’t it?? While we did our best to manage crowds over the weekend, we don’t want to be closing doors again. We decided the best solution to this problem was a bigger venue. We’ve relocated to the Royal Hall of Industries which is double the size of last year’s venue. This was something we were able to do in Melbourne to great success, so we know it’s going to be more comfortable, easier to see everything that’s happening, talk to the experts running their pop up shops, and you’ll be able to stay longer to take in the free demonstrations and enjoy a sweet feast!

Speaking of our demonstration stages and delicious treats, there’s more seating at stages and more places to rest and enjoy lunch and dessert. Generally, more room everywhere!

You had to close the doors last year?

We did! And it wasn’t fun for anyone. This year we have a much more seamless entry process (also trialled in Melbourne last year), which means you’ll get in the door as quickly as possible, and off to the demos you plan on watching!

You said something about lunch?

Last year’s lunch options were limited partly because we were an un-tested and brand new event, and partly due to venue restrictions. This year you’ll have more savoury options to cleanse the palette between freak shakes and organic chocolate donuts!

Are there allergen free options available?

Our team works hard to ensure there are a variety of gluten free and dairy free options for visitors. This year is no different, and as we confirm our Sweet Market vendors we’ll list them in the shopping directory and let you know what allergen free options are available.

Will you have classes and workshops?

Yes! And after feedback from Sydney last year, we trialled some shorter and more affordable workshops in Melbourne that were a fantastic hit (thanks for being such great guinea pigs Melbourne friends)! In Sydney this year we’ll have more hands on workshops covering everything cake decorating and party so you can indulge all of your creative urges!

When will workshops go on sale?

Most workshops and classes will go on sale in June and we’ll continue to add classes and workshops right up until the expo in August. Keep an eye on your inbox, our Instagram feed, and Facebook for all the updates!

Is Sweet Expo kid friendly?

Yes! As well as teaching some great hands on skills and techniques for adults, our Create + Take classes are fantastic fun for little hands. We have cupcake decorating for your little baker, and plenty to do and see (and eat)! Our only suggestion is to leave your prams at home if you can and opt for baby carriers at the expo.

What’s a handmade market got to do with Sweet Expo?

The handmade market at Sweet Expo is a part of our commitment to supporting local small businesses. Stalls in the market sell a small range of either mostly locally produced or locally handmade items that we’ve curated to either be something we think you (our visitors) will really love, products that are related to Sweet, or small batch producers. Last year’s market stalls included a local small batch chai tea producer, artisan earrings shaped like Bubble’O’Bill ice creams and Iced Vovos, and a handmade soap maker selling incredible soaps scented with I-wish-I-could-eat-that edible scents!

Will there be a cake decorating competition at Sweet Expo this year?

No. Last year we didn’t get many entries, and then only half of the entered cakes were delivered for display so we won’t be going ahead with the competition this year.