Melbourne 18-19 November | Sydney 26-27 August | Brisbane 7-8 October

What's On At Sydney Sweet Expo

Free Entry for Children Under 12 Years Old

Southee Pavillion, Sydney Showground
Saturday 26th August, 9:30am – 4pm
Sunday 27th August, 9:30am – 4pm

Put on your comfy shoes and get ready to shop! Sydney’ Sweet Expo is your one stop destination for everything cake decorating, baking, and celebrating!

Whether you want to learn about baking, buy the tools be the next great baker, or just eat the results, Sweet Expo is for you!

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Are you a Sweet Foodie?

Take a stroll through the Sweet Market, and join us for High Tea!

Take a stroll through the Sweet Market and taste your way through cronuts, Greek donuts, brownies, and more! Buy edible gifts for someone special (especially if that someone special is you) from local producers selling everything from artisan hand made chocolate to unique small batch tea blends.

Treat yourself!

Make it a girls day out and enjoy high tea at Sweet Expo! Catered by the award winning team at Sydney Showgrounds, put up your feet and recover from shopping, plan your next demonstrations, or get ready to do it all again. You’ll take home a goodie bag too! Booking essential, add-on high tea when you buy your ticket to Sydney’s Sweet Expo.

Live Cake Decorating & Baking Demonstrations

Learn from demonstrations on our two main stages, or talk to the experts bringing their pop up shops to Sweet Expo.


And not just any shopping! Wondering how those insta-bakers get their cakes so level? Want cakes that rise evenly in the oven? Need the specialty chocolate dye for the brightly coloured chocolate drip you love on Katherine Sabbath cakes? Our specialty cake decorating and baking vendors have set up shop with everything from professional cake tins to oil based dyes that won’t ruin your chocolates. Get ready to get your shop on!

Learn something new!

Join us at the Cake Decorating Stage and Baking Stage hourly for demonstrations from favourite Australian chefs, bakers and cake decorators. Some, you’ll know and love, other’s are up and coming super stars just waiting to share their knowledge with you. Whether baking is your hobby or you’re already profesh, there’s something to see and something new to learn for all levels of baker!

Join us at Sydney's Sweet Expo!

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  • The class was well paced, demonstrations were informative and effective, we had plenty of time to do what was asked and everyone was friendly. The lunch was healthy and the afternoon was just a lovely time for me.
    Sweet Magazine Crafternoon Attendee
    Sweet Magazine Crafternoon Attendee
  • I stopped buying magazines well over 18 months ago. I was finding every recipe and story to be the same and simply modified to look like somthing new...then I found these guys! I've personally been following Sweet Magazine [on Instagram] for a few months and finally [bought] a subscription! #youcantbeatbuyingpaperinsteadofdigital